A story

A story that began with what Isabelita Mejía de Vélez experienced with the passing of her daughter Alejandra. 27 years ago, they faced a tough battle with the hope of defeating cancer and thus saw firsthand how all children facing this harsh situation have to go through great needs amid this cruel reality; this is where the Alejandra Velez Mejia Foundation begins.

Today children

Today, children and their families facing this harsh reality do not have a space where they can have dignified treatment; thus, they must make the decision to return to their places of origin. Today we serve patients from Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda, Valle, Choco, Putumayo, Caqueta, Tolima, and indigenous communities in the area; to whom we provide psychological counseling, occupational therapy, legal, social, and recreational advice.


OUR GOAL $1.900.000.000

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