The Alejandra Velez Mejia Foundation for the care of children with leukemia and other types of cancer, was founded in 1996 by Mrs. Isabel Mejia de Velez, who with a group of her family, friends and colleagues of her daughter Alejandra and directors of the University Children’s Hospital of Caldas met after the death of Alejandra, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of six, and survived until the age of fourteen.

Our direction is aimed at strengthening all the support and help networks for children and adolescents who present this pathology and who receive oncological treatment, programming events and developing short, medium and long term projects with the intention of strengthening the hospital infrastructure specialized in the oncological area, at the service of the children of the coffee region and neighboring regions.

Our mission is to increase the possibility of life of children and adolescents, especially those with cancer.

Our vision is to be a leading and recognized institution in the management of the different problems of children with leukemia and any type of cancer, their families and caregivers, articulated with disciplines that contribute in a social and human way and positively influence generating hope, quality and meaning to life.

Our purpose is to manage and provide care and training to pediatric patients, their families, and staff responsible for their care; allocate income to make adjustments in cancer wards and at the headquarters of the Alejandra Velez Mejia Foundation, towards the best spiritual and physical being of children.


Our objectives are based on the following arguments:

– Management of health, educational, psychological and social care of children and adolescents suffering from cancer and their families, considering their integrity as persons.
– Contribution to increase the life expectancy of sick children and achieve decent levels of quality for them and their families.
– Management of the necessary resources to guarantee the patient’s transportation to attend treatment, 98% of the families belong to a low economic stratum.
– Dissemination to society in general of the existence of childhood cancer and the conflicts and problems it generates.
– Psychosocial support before and during bereavement.
– Advice to the families regarding the respective procedures required by the treatments.
– Counseling and orientation to the families regarding the before, today and after the disease, taking into account the alterations that the specific situation entails.
– Consolidation of work groups for the families of oncology patients.
– Training and education of personnel working in the Oncology Unit.
– Promotion and generation of spaces for research on cancer.


  • Human duties
  • Living together in harmony
  • Hygiene
  • Mourning
  • Gastronomy
  • Painting
  • Jewelry
  • Christmas, among others.


  • Colombian Institute of Family Welfare
  • Ombudsman’s Office
  • Municipal Personería
  • Manizales Mayor’s Office
  • National Police
  • Divine Mercy Home
  • University Children’s Hospital
  • Western Oncologists
  • Hemocenter of Coffee and Tolima Grande
  • Sena
  • Lúker Foundation
  • Media (Radio, Written and Television)


Camino a mi Vida – Transportation – Our objective is to GUARANTEE the child’s attendance with strict compliance to the treatment process and thus avoid ABANDONMENT due to lack of transportation.

  • Constant accompaniment and indications in proceedings and follow-up to guardianships and contempt of court.
  • Accompaniment to the family before and after the death by the Work Team, pertinent diligences, management of the professional in psychology and management of transfer if necessary.
  • Management before the pertinent entities to defend the rights of the children.
  • Management to demand the Patient’s Rights before the different EPS.
    Induction and instructions to the families on Duties and Rights.
  • Training to the families in the update of the reforms of the Law that governs the Health in Colombia and new norms.
  • Recreational, social and training activities.


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